Collagen dog water
Collagen dog water
Collagen dog water
250 ml
It improves dogs' ability to process carbohydrates, makes up for vitamin deficiencies and improves overall life function.
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250 ml
Delivery and logistics
  • 1650 pieces/pallet
  • 165 case/pallet
  • 5 row high
  • 33 case/row
  • 10 pieces/case
Components and their effect on dogs
Ingredients: Drinking water, bovine collagen, Inositol, aroma, Mg-lactate, vitamins (B3, B1, B6), preservative (Na-benzoate), zinc citrate.

Beef collagen is a joint and coat repairer, inositol improves your pets' ability to process carbohydrates, zinc, magnesium, B vitamins fill deficiencies and are general life function enhancers.
One of its primary functions is to strengthen cell structure, regulate metabolism, and subsequently regulate sex hormones. It can have a number of positive effects on healthy dogs as well as on some conditions / problems.
Generally speaking, collagen is super for maintaining the basic health of dogs. Plus, as dogs age (and we all know they age much faster than humans), they experience the same problems that ageing humans do, such as arthritis.
The effects of magnesium deficiency on the immune system and over-acidification. Magnesium is an essential mineral. It plays an important role in the proper functioning of muscles and nerves, regulating blood pressure, aiding digestion and strengthening the immune system.
An essential mineral Zinc is involved in the maintenance of normal acid-base balance, normal carbohydrate metabolism, normal metabolism of macronutrients, fatty acids and vitamin A.
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B1, thiamine, increases blood circulation and aids blood formation, carbohydrate metabolism and acid production, which is necessary for proper digestion. Optimises mental activity and brain function. Positive effects on energy production, growth, hunger and brain function. It is also effective as an antioxidant, protecting dogs' bodies against free radicals.
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B3 plays a very important role in the metabolism of dogs. It has an important role in the elimination of various inflammatory processes and in energy balance.
Vitamin B6
The vitamin is often associated with skin health, as the risk of dermatitis is increased if the body is deficient in vitamin B6. However, the importance of vitamin B6 goes far beyond skin health, as it is involved in a number of physiological and physiological processes and plays a key role in the optimal functioning of the body.
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